Cheating for a bigger satisfaction

Most of the adultery (both male aand female) are cheating due to the fact that one of them requires more than what is given to him or her partner. The reason is dissatisfaction. But female adultery, like men’s, is not so simple, because all people are unique, therefore it is simply impossible to predict the need of everyone.
The betrayal of the wife will follow after she tries to compensate for the emptiness within herself with something else. But remember that this is strictly individual, and the woman herself makes a choice – to cheat or not to cheat. Thus I hope Prime date will become a pleasant surprise for me.
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Moving in together

A joint life is the distribution of household duties, finance. This is the most boring side of the relationship, which was broken not by one love boat.
But, despite this, the ability to establish a common life is a very important condition for a long and prosperous union! Otherwise, no one’s love can stand the constant quarrels and squabbles for a long time because of everyday problems!
This is how you do – register on and go for changes. Do not be afraid of joint life. Get ready and make it easier for you. Assimilate.
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Are we meant to be friends?

Friendship is an established verbal communication, availability of common topics for conversations, readiness of both partners to support, understand, help, sympathize with each other.
If a man and a woman from become not only beloved, but also friends – they will never be bored, sad or alone next to each other.
If this sphere of relations is lax, partners, sooner or later, inevitably become internally separated from each other and become strangers, even if in the other spheres they are all right.
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Intimacy where are you?

Intimacy is the sexual relationship between lovers. Probably, no one needs to explain how important sexual harmony is for a happy relationship. Therefore, ignoring problems in this area, or simply inability to solve them, quickly leads first to treason, and then to the collapse of the pair.
Even if you meet your girl on you have the opportunity to develop your intimate life. Long distance relationships are not an obstacle as well.

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Romance is still a thing

In the strange era that we live in, where online communication ( partially substitutes real-life meetings and seemingly simplifies human relationships (as a matter of fact, it just makes them more awkward and people more withdrawn), big romantic gestures or plain small talk are no longer needed to develop something beautiful and serious between two human beings. At least, some of us think so.

Don’t believe those unfortunate individuals: kissing in the rain, bringing flowers, cooking dinners together or just saying widely used “I love you” still works as fine as it used to, it’s just that not too many of us tend to try it.

Opening of our new salon

The salon is coming along beautifully. We can’t wait for you to see it! The new salon will be opening October 6, 2015.

Hair Resort

Product spotlight of the week: HAIR.RESORT, a messy beach look that defines all hair types. An oil free texturiser for a sexy surfer look that defies gravity. Apply to damp or dry hair, scrunch in and you are good to go!

Getting ready for Prom?

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